MetaTrader 4 and

MetaTrader 4 has established itself as the industry standard for trading Forex. A powerful platform that millions of traders choose to trade with. The combination of the MT4 platform with FXGiants will give you the ultimate trading experience.

A Powerful Platform

MetaTrader 4 managed to establish itself as the industry standard for online trading. Made for experienced traders and beginners as well, this dynamic platform offers a comprehensive package of professional tools for traders to work with. With a highly customizable interface, analytical tools, technical indicators and a robust charting system MetaTrader 4 is the perfect platform for any kind of trader.

  • Mobile. Access the MT4 through any device.
  • Automation. Expert Advisors (EA) trading functionality.
  • Functional. Complete set of drawing tools and trading indicators.
  • Practical. Flexible trading system and advanced technical analysis.
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MetaTrader 4

The MT4 platform is optimized to operate through any browser. Reliable and fast, MetaTrader offers you the chance to trade with ease, without having to download. Yet, you will still be able to utilize the platform to its fullest, along with almost every function of it. The powerful charting system, technical indicators, analytical tools and all the astonishing traits of the platform are still available through the WebTrader.

Simply log in and access the WebTrader.

MT4 Advanced

With MT4 Advanced you can trade with the highest standards and an impressive set of advanced trading and analytical tools. From its cutting-edge charting and indicators to its rich functionality, the MT4 Advanced allows you to manage orders, positions and equities online with ease. You can monitor the prices of financial instruments and forex rates, watch online news, access activity reports and use Expert Advisors (EAs). With its wide range of analytical capabilities, you will be equipped to analyse market movements and implement various trading strategies in the most efficient manner.
An open laptop with charts and a mobile screen referring to MT4 multiterminal platform

How to Log in to MT4 Advanced

  1. Download the MT4 terminal by clicking “Download”.
  2. Install the advanced features by clicking the “Retrofit” button.
  3. Log in with an existing account or open a new account.
  4. Select FXGiants as your broker from the list.
  5. Enter your real or demo account username and password which can you find in your FXGiants welcome mail.

MT4 Advanced User Guide

Read the user guide to find out how to download, install and use the MT4 advanced platform for Windows.

MT4 MultiTerminal for Windows

With FXGiants MultiTerminal, you can manage multiple accounts from one single terminal. Additionally, you can monitor the prices of financial instruments, and access advanced charting and activity reports.
An open laptop with charts and a mobile screen referring to MT4 multiterminal platform

MT4 MultiTerminal Quick Login

  • Download the terminal.
  • Run the .exe file after it has downloaded.
  • When launching the program for the first time, you need to fill in your login details.
  • Enter your real or demo account login data (username and password received in your FXGiants welcome mail).

Supported OS: Microsoft Windows 7 or higher.

Visit our FAQpage for more information on the MT4 platform for windows.

MT4 MultiTerminal User Guide

Read the user guide on how to download, install and use the MT4 MultiTerminal platform for Windows.

Compatible with Any Device

Using MetaTrader 4 you have the luxury to execute online trades from anywhere in the world and through any device. Monitor your trades and place new ones with no limitations, whilst also being notified in real-time about all of your trades. The application is compatible with any device, making online trading accessible from anywhere in the world.
  • Simple. One-click trading.
  • Portable. Accessible through any smartphone & tablet.
  • Efficient. Customizable and adaptable.
  • Alert. Real-time trade notifications.
Trade with your devicefrom anywhere in the world.
Trade with the metatrader platform

Trade with FXGiants

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6 Asset Classes

Trade 6 different asset classes. Diversify your portfolio and maximize your efficiency.
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300+ Instruments

Select the instruments you wish to trade with. No limitations and a variety of choices.
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Profound Support

Our professional support team will enhance your trading experience and will assist you with everything.

FXGiants offers you competitive pricing and fast market execution. 

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